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                  Design of SCR electric furnace control system for auto parts manufacturers

                  Datetime: 2014-11-19 15:44:20    Views: 1662

                  In this case the auto parts company is designed for Volkswagen, Dongfeng Automobile production supply auto parts manufacturers, on the quality of the product needs to be very harsh, Volkswagen and many other enterprises will be selected parts produced in real-time monitoring process records, product quality inspection. Therefore, the control system of the industrial furnace in the heat treatment workshop of the auto parts company needs to be very high, and the data processing and storage need to be very high. The advanced distributed control plan designed for them has fully met their technical needs and has been recognized by the customer company.

                  The detailed design plan is as follows:

                  1, each furnace adopts KY3000 series integrated intelligent three-phase SCR regulator as the basic power adjustment unit with intelligent expert auto tuning PID conditioning phase shift trigger function, capable of real-time acquisition function of end temperature, and after PID conditioning phase shift trigger SCR conditioning temperature control heating power; internal integrated output load current the voltage acquisition module can collect tracking and protection of load current and voltage; and the power adjustment unit with serial communication interface, can realize modbusRTU communication. KY3000 series of integrated intelligent three-phase SCR regulator as the basic power adjustment unit for each furnace temperature control, which can meet the temperature control accuracy of 0.5% in the temperature range of 0-1000 degrees celsius.

                  2, a single furnace temperature control system is used on a form of homework, the main circuit of each set of independent temperature control system respectively by a circuit breaker, AC contactor, fuse, KY3000 integrated intelligent three-phase SCR regulator (radiator, cooling fan, cooling fan and) consists of a closed detection and protection circuit; installation a man-machine interface of each furnace control system (Chu Moping), the integrated display system operating state, and can be directly used for parameter setting, data records and other operations on each sub system. The user can operate the operation equipment intuitively through the man-machine interface of each system, so as to achieve the real needs of the users themselves.

                  3, for the convenience of operation and management, the selection of the entire heat treatment control system of computer distributed control monitoring, all function modules with MODBUS communication interface, can easily work with a computer, taking into account the simple, convenient and applicable standards, the computer display configuration mainly by the temperature control system of general appearance "," real time curve "," the history report "," the history curve "and" parameter setting "and" alarm records "and many other picture elements. After booting the computer, click on the desktop configuration operation system, you can enter the "XX" system".

                  (1), the control software system of the Department as a professional electric control software "tailored", give full consideration to the furnace operation needs and characteristics of each procedure, fully consider the characteristics of the industry and individual needs; has strong pertinence.

                  (2) the parameter setting is convenient and visual. Through the upper computer or touch screen on the corresponding parameter settings interface, you can intuitively each set of system control parameters set up and operation.

                  (3) graphical setting, processing and operation of the process curve is a major feature of the software design of the system. Through the computer or touch screen interface settings corresponding process parameters, can be arranged in advance more than 10 parameter curve, the actual application, the operator only needs to process parameter curve selection and processing data corresponding to the can end all relevant parameters and update. Through the upper computer to process the electric furnace (including the process curve setting, down pass, start stop and other operations) has become very simple.

                  (4) automatic record process control curve. Records are independent of process control curve box furnace District, intelligent instruments, recorded files can be stored for a long time in the hard disk as history, at any time for printing.

                  (5) the data recording method with perfect function, automatic form, for any time to consult and use. The temperature data of all electric furnaces are recorded by a table (EXCEL format), and the date and time can be queried at any time.

                  (6) perfect alarm function, record alarm reason, event record can be preserved for a long time.

                  (7) the users can be divided into the laboratory and the manager, and the permissions of different users can be set. The key parameter settings and changes are password protected, the tester and the manager can change and set up, but need to record the time of change and setting, change the data in detail and change the user"s username. Only the clerk can carry out the query, modification and export of the test result data.

                  (8) the system has outstanding extensibility, and the configuration of the plan system can support 30 interfaces.

                  The industrial furnace temperature control system has convenient operation and management, improve the data record and view function, on key parameters and important data changes are password protected and permissions settings function, the function characteristics of quality and safety of large enterprises is very suitable for the production of.