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              About Us
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              Jiangsu danxiang SCR Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, is engaged in a silicon controlled power semiconductor devices (also called thyristor) research, design, development, manufacturing and sales as one of the Professional Company, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association of power sub branch of the governing unit, in 2004 the national second home Jiangsu only access to national production license enterprises. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, quality trustworthy enterprise in Jiangsu province. Company has strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, perfect testing equipment. "Dan Xiang" staff always adhere to the "technology-based, quality first, customer first, sincere service, the pursuit of excellence" for the purpose, the company"s products won the majority of the praise and trust of users at home and abroad!

              The main products of the company are KP common type ZP silicon controlled rectifier tube, ordinary (SCR), KS type bidirectional controllable silicon, the KK type quick thyristor; MTG, MDG, MTS, MDS, MTY, MDY, MTC, MFC type silicon controlled rectifier module, a variety of assemblies and for three-phase electric welding machine design full control, three-phase half controlled rectifier and three-phase, six phase half wave, yin and Yang, single-phase rectifier, single-phase controllable, Lincoln of the United States, the United States Miller type; heating power supply, complete speed control power supply, power rectifier, intermediate frequency power supply with our own brand RF, RH, RM advanced heat pipe radiator. Making the product more reliable stability.

              The company is located in Jiangsu province Danyang city culture science and Technology Industrial Park, close to Shanghai Nanjing, Shanghai High-speed Rail, Shanghai Nanjing high-speed station exit, traffic is convenient, welcome old and new friends at home and abroad to visit the guide, sincere cooperation, harmonious development, create brilliant.